Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kurt Sussman

I don't accept this made-to-leak letter as fact. It is certainly worth investigating, though.

Since we (the taxpayers) are 80% owners of AIG now, let's demand the facts, and then either apologize profusely, or get out our tiny violins.

Alex Tolley

That any executives are getting any compensation at all is due to public money used to bailout AIG. Without it, they would be out on the street.

It is irrelevant who is at fault. The perpetrators have left the firm, leaving everyone else, including the rest of US, holding the bag. But that doesn't mean that the people who are left, good honest folks I sure they are, are owed anything.

If they don't like "onerous" conditions of the bailout, they can leave AIG.

The government's sole responsibility is to ensure that public money restores the economy in the most efficient way. So far it is looking like it is mostly being used to keep bankers' wealth and income intact. That is not a good idea IMO.

mark slater

please explain what would happen if there was no bailout - yes - it would be a clear out.

Oh i forgot - they are too big to fail so that makes all of this ok.

Its absurd. If i am at a company and it fails through no direct fault of mine - i lose my job. This is the case with 95% of America. To claim that you weren't part of the division that caused the collapse and to use this as the crux of your argument to keep your bonus - one paid by me - is highly and rightfully insulting.

this MOTU approach is a cancer on wall street - its now being cut out.

thats extremely nice that he saw fit to return taxpayer money.

A Morin

Is he really comparing the Million Dollar AIG Bonus babies to American-Japanese Internment camp prisoners? really?

Christopher Wishnie

I think the people who labored under a contract in expectation of payment are entitled to their compensation. And it is very troubling to me when the government enacts punitive legislation to confiscate citizens' property. Taxpayer funds should not have been used to "bail out" a private institution in the first place. None of our private property is safe from confiscation by a government intent on its socialist agenda. If a government will unjustly seize their money its only a matter of time before they come for yours and mine too.

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