Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Suki Fuller

Valid point!


Not to mention, all the bad press is putting the business aviation business in danger. Business aviation employs about 1.2M people in this country and has a ~$60B trade surplus... But since our all-knowing government is making it bad business to own a corporate jet, you can only guess where the layoffs will hit next. Just look to the news, "Gulfstream to lay off 1,200".

Alex Tolley

It's not really a double standard. Pelosi isn't asking for a government bailout.

What it does show is that she has continues to have a tin ear in not realizing the wider impact of what she is demanding.

Finally, what are congress critters doing flying around in corporate jets anyway? Wasn't it bad enough that they took flights on company jets with all the issues that entailed? Now they demand military supplied vehicles? WTF? Maybe Pelosi is just joining the line of wanting to "get her's" now that she is in power.

Roman emperor's used to have a slave whisper in their ear that "they were just mortal" when they returned in triumph. Pelosi needs an aide to do her that favor.

Adam Wolf

Before casting any stones, you might want to read this ABC News story. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=7057198&page=1

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