Saturday, November 29, 2008


Brian Hayes

I was intrigued by this snippet. Rajesh Jain is saying about 26/11: "the pain is more personal, and has impacted people who have a Voice rather than just a Vote."

Culture has power too. It may be difficult to predict which policies rise. Politics may be forced to adapt to new and unforeseen pressures.


Every one blaming the police, security systems, preparedness and dirty politicians. I am confused with! Who are the real culprits? It seems to be ourselves. Because, here every one is Hindu, Muslims, Christian, BJP, Congress, BSP, bhaiyya, madrassi, sardar, guju or marwadi. But there is no Indian. All we will shout and at the end, we will find same idiotic and corrupted politician will rule us again. There will not be any change. Ultimately who is responsible for all these incidents?? One should judge it and react towards it.

After so much of incidents also please note that our international airport security is so poor. A really prepared terrorist can burn it into ashes. I don’t want to disclose it, how. It is against the interest of national security.

Still I can find, Pandus are carrying a heavy bag these days. They do check each and every vehicle. Doing their best of duty. Create the traffic jam. Personal collections are more for them these days. Specifically after 26/11.

Several times I found police deputed on duty at railway stations are not really Vigil. Sitting on a bench and time passing and eating of Gutka. Why these people are deputed here??

Look into our police?? Most of the policeman are having big tummy?? Why this? Cause they are taking rest and interested in collecting Haftas.

How many of us prefer to go to a police station to take assistance??

There are lot of Bangladeshis are in this country and holding Indian passport and ration card. Why no one is taking about this? Still it is going on. If it is Bhaiyya let’s kill him, if Bangladeshi’s let them live. Who made this rule?

When India is democratic, why there are separate rules for Hindus, muslims and Christians? Vote bank?

Every one wanted a revolution in this country. But no one is interested to do a small thing towards that.

Look into the train travelers of the city? it seems that they are going through a big punishment in their life. When one mumbaikar can travel on train comfortably? Why we cant do this? On interest of the people who lives in slum near by? Cant us rehabilitate these people? on the interest of some politicians lakhs of people suffering. Everyone is interested in vote banks.

There are lots to write. It is like making a self insult.

That's all. Time has come to react. We should know our rights.

This is my point of view. May be right or wrong. But me, I am right.


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