Monday, October 06, 2008


Yihong Ding

Hi Michael,

It's great to watch your thought. As you said, history has repeatedly told us the same thing while the knowledge does not stop us from being trapping into the same place again, even deeper. Are there anything missing or could we actively do something to improve ourselves?

In this new Web age, we have improved computers while ourselves seem to be dumber than before. This is simply wrong. We should be able to learn something. When some bad thing happen again, someone should be able to stand out and point the rest of the people to the history. Our memory should not be lost when a new generation replaces an old one. Something we must do and maybe we are doing now.

In addition to make computers smarter because of humans, why can't we make humans smarter because of computers? I have shared this thought with many people recently at varied places---on the Web or even local at restaurants. All of them told me that it is what they are looking for. Computers should be a tool to make us think better instead of removing the ability of thinking from mankind. Your great post has demonstrated it.

thank you and always appreciate the thoughts you shared with us.



"History doesn't repeat itself - it rhymes."

So it does, and so it will again...

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