Sunday, October 26, 2008


Crystal Haidl

It's not the concept of an electoral college that is flawed,like most things its the political way it's implemented that is often at fault. Plato (and Jefferson)understood that the people are often ill equipped to understand the layered complexities of problems and solutions, hence his concept of a democratic republic (which just so happened to fit in tandem with the wealthy patricians as the educated ones and our later parallel of slave-owning landowner rule). The real solution to ending the electoral college is by actually valuing the importance of an informed educated populous-- which neither Plato nor Jeffeson had the ability to do in their times of history. But we could. That means each and every one of us a) valuing the worth of a balanced education b)willing to inform ourselves on all versions of the issues c) refusing slant from the politicians and experts (and ourselves)and demanding thorough responsibly reasoned solutions that are most equitable for all.
A fairy tale? Maybe. Is the implementation of the electoral college flawed? And those voting machines, voter registration laws?

Well, we do get the democracy we deserve-- so Dancing with the Stars, Idol,rooting for our favorite sports team or going gaga over a celeb is about the level of democracy we as a society are fixated on. Go Blue? Rah- Rah Red?

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