Friday, September 05, 2008


robert goldberg

Hey Michael, totally agree with you that they are both trying to appeal to the base with too much rhetoric. Maybe its my left leaning tendencies, but I think Obama is really different. And had a different take than either you or Mark on the NYT article. The income gap is becoming an increasingly bigger problem, I would hate to see us end up looking like Brazil. And while you cant entirely solve it with tax policy you shouldn't exacerbate it either. Also think that its the citizenship duty of people who have had the opportunity to contribute back, a progressive tax is part of that. Lastly my read on Obama's policy is that its not the typical tax and spend, but really about creating sustainable opportunity for everyone. A position that I believe is supported by a number of notable economists - as Mark suggested.

Alex Tolley

I you really don't believe government policy has any effect on GDP and that the Clinton era was all about non-governmental variables, why should the McCain/Republican belief in tax-cuts for growing the economy be valid either? This is just non-sensical double-talk.

No god-given right for the average worker to see pay increases? What happened to the traditional approach of giving pay rises in line with productivity gains? Has the US stopped improving its productivity - no. So where are the wage gains that should accompany it? If you don't believe that productivity gains should also go to workers, what is the role of the economy and government policy?

The US is a country that is governed, "for the people, by the people". Today is has become "by the rich, for the rich". This is how empires end.

As for last night's McCain speech, how stupid does he think we all are. "My country first!" Hah. He wasn't thinking that way when he was part of the "Keating 5". Orwell must be laughing in his grave.

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