Wednesday, September 24, 2008



It took about 10 years for the building sector to catch the green wave and now it is wrapping itself up in green at almost every turn. It will take a bit longer for the markets, banking, investing to catch up. But I'm convinced it is the game changer of this century and we are at an inflection point. The key is to prove and demonstrate that money can be made or saved, but over a longer time horizon than a few quarters -- and begin to account for externalities.

Alex Tolley

It will in the end, be about costs - whether direct fuel costs or carbon offsets as taxes/permits/limited operations.Today fuel costs are still a very minor part of the cost equation, but that is changing. Note your own post about Google considering putting data centers on ships (they are already being sited near hydro-power, like aluminum smelters). You might think that computer rooms would be contributing to the heating of buildings by now, but no, they just consume A/C at all year.

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