Saturday, January 12, 2008


Alex Tolley

We still have the problem that the Dead Sea Scrolls are still not available online either - and there is certainly a lot of text that would upset orthodox Christianity in all of its sects.


Exposing ancient texts should be a good thing - let the world see them and the results of various analyses. "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" it was once said - something that should apply to everything, even sacred documents and the institutions and ideas they support.


It's more of a lost cause.

Quran is a source of lot of Islamic knowledge for us, Muslims but everything in Islam is based upon a certain conceptual framework which was proposed 1400 years back by the Prophet (SAW). Not only Quran but every aspect of Islamic history which includes the sayings of the Prophet alongwith the anecdotes of his companions have been verified and validated under the very conceptual framework.

Quran may have been untouched but many other aspects of our islamic archives have been tried to garbled during the course of the history. They seemed pretty logical but they don't concord with basic Islamic philosphy and were very easily driven out.

These archives apparently will suffer the same fate.

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