Tuesday, January 08, 2008


alex tolley

The GOP has become captive to a very authoritarian viewpoint, in complete contradiction to its roots. It has embraced evangelicalism as a way to capture "family values" voters and has become trapped here. Even McCain has pandered to this group by reversing his positions to appeal to them.

The party needs to change seriously if it is to appeal to more Democrats and Independents.

That is not to say that the Democratic party does not have major faults too. But at this point, their top 3 candidates are all more acceptable than the Republican field, with the possible exception of Clinton who is just a horribly divisive figure, not entirely her fault.

Dennis Chan

American voters want change because they sense correctly that the country is moving in the wrong direction. We have a broken economic system and a broken political system. We have become a nation of dependent children instead of the rugged individuals of the American ideals. We expect handouts from the governments. And don't think this only applies to the poor people, witness the outcrying for the Fed to lower interest rate(ie, print more money) from Wall Street. No one president can provide the changes needed to put us on solid footing again. To do that require a change of culture and that will take at least a generation if not more.


Stretch still needs to spank Mildred's butt.
She should have voted for Ron Paul.


Obama is owned by the CFR so he's no better than anyone else.
He is in the Judicial Watch top ten most corrupt polticians.


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