Sunday, December 09, 2007


Alex Tolley

Don Imus was not fired for what he said, but because the sponsors decided that they didn't want their products to be associated with negative public feelings stirred up by his comments. CBS then used this to cancel his show. Clearly, until the brouhaha, the sponsors were quite happy to fund the show, as was CBS. Note that Imus is quietly getting back on the air.

Hateful as Savage is, there is nothing preventing him from venting as he does. That is the essence of freedom of speech. He could only be taken off the air by legal means if he incited a crime by his speech, such as suggesting women in burkhas be raped or killed. Otherwise, unless the sponsors refuse to fund his show, he can continue saying what he says.

If we were to take action on all possibly hate speech, well the Robertson's and Falwell's of this world would be removed from the airways and pulpits forthwith. (Fallwell did us this service naturally).


I seldom listen to Savage but when I do his rants are very good. So is Mark Levin on WABC. Same station that you say "Imus" is quietly coming back on the air with.

Think the discussion regarding Imus' remarks are now over. But I support Savage saying what he said. You see the muslims are a religion. Even if they are American citizens, there are no evil dictators that will chop off their heads if they don't cover their faces or where burka's. They are free to be Americans. But when they think they are better then me and demand special treatment, they have crossed the line.

I don't care what your religion is. But do not even attempt to impose it on me. Not in the market for your preachings.

The Koran has many interpretations. And is the Muslims bible. It is suppose to be a peaceful religion. And I guess that for many it is. But the radical faction is the one that took down the towers and killed 3000+ innocent Americans. So hatred for them is bound to occur among many, especially Jewish people, as Savage is.

And Alex is correct. It is freedom of speech even on the airwaves. But as Alex also says, unless he causes a riot or asks people to murder any Muslims, he is free to say what he wants.

We all have to stop being so sensitive and over the top politically correct. If everyone spoke nice words about everyone else it would be a truly boring world.

Bruce from Florida

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