Thursday, December 27, 2007


Piter Leal

I saw your postings in TechCrunch about Facebook platform - that's how I ended up in your blog.

First of all, enjoy your trip to Brazil. I'm jealous. I was going to recommend some phone communication options but it's too late now. You are already in the country.

The stats you posted above are fairly correct, but they aren't new to some of us, who used to live in the country. Ethanol, for instance, has been an intrinsic part of Brazilian economy starting in the 70’s, as a long-term strategy against oil dependency. It was viewed as a national security threat. What’s being debated today in the US (dependency of oil from instable regions, etc), it was debated and put into practice back in the 70’s in Brazil and now, Brazil is oil independent. Only if the economists had the same long view smarts back then …

While in Copabacana beach, assess the opportunity for a long-range (WiMax like) mobile internet network in the area. I firm believer that there are enourmous opportunities for a mobile internet network along the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

You mentioned about using iPhone (no need for fancy things over there): Get the prepaid cards . For internet connectivity, the hotel might provide high speed internet connection doesn’t it ? Brazil isn’t that backward country (don’t trust most of what those guides tell you.) Please, don't walk around with your laptop on hand - you might not have it for very long. (there goes 'mobile internet') . Use the fixed, secure internet from hotel or cyber cafe.

Enjoy your “Reveillon” (as “New Year’s eve” called there)

PS: I'm jealous.

Piter Leal
[email protected]


Michael, you mentioned the green race. Whatever that is but don't be fooled that ethanol is green as in environmentally friendly. Studies have shown that the pollution is just as same or less worse than regular gasoline. I know it's easy to get caught up in all the en vogue green stuff thanks to the massive Environmental lobby.

Piter Leal

Mo, take a trip to Brazil's sugar cane processing plants, which have been transforming sugar cane into Ethanol since early 1970's and made today's Brasil independent from Saudi oil, so you have a better understanding of the situation. It's nothing to do with green moviment or whatever. it's all ECONOMICS. Brasil's oil independency started out of economic necessities , not trying to be "GREEN" (whatever that means).


Piter, no doubt about it. I just frown upon the connection of green/environmentally friendly with ethanol.

My backing of developing alternative fuel sources has less to do with global warming and more to do with energy independence. The short term benefits of energy independence are immense compared to global warming. It is something a lot of common people will be able to relate to than questionable global warming theories.

Happy New Year

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