Saturday, October 27, 2007


John M.

If I were you I would dispense with using POP on Google altogether. They just implemented IMAP which is a huge improvement. In my one week since switching to Gmail IMAP it has worked fine with both Mail 2.0 and, since last night, Mail 3.0.

Michael Parekh

Thanks John. Will try that if and when I ever get access to my Gmail account again.

In the meantime, have deleted my Gmail POP accounts on both Mac Mail clients.

Mike S.

IMAP is not a panacea to this problem, as Apple Mail will still try to synchronize with GMail, as it does with POP.

The problem here seems to be that Google lit up IMAP support, but didn't think through all the implications for their anti-spam/anti-using-Gmail-as-remote-storage rules. Specifically, no one seems to have grasped that people will enable IMAP on multiple devices, those devices will need to sync, and those initial syncs will mean needing to download significant amounts of data from multiple clients, perhaps simultaneously.

Another dimension of lameness gets layered on when you consider the users most likely to get hit by this are those that have been with Gmail the longest, and thus have that much more of their personal mail squirreled away on Gmail's servers.

Someone with an in at the Google-borg, section Gmail, needs to put a bee in their bonnet to fix this. It's happened to me twice in the two days since IMAP support was added.

I don't think Google's been a poor start-up for some time, perchance they could afford some timely support?

alex tolley

This is "news I can use". I am just about to buy a Mac laptop and I rely on GMail.


I'm having problems only in sending via Mail 3.1. While I receive forwarding from my gmail IMAP accounts, I cannot reply or send new messages.

I've only been working on this problem for under an hour. My new iMac arrived yesterday with Leopard.

What is the solution to the forwarding and replying via POP problem.

Still hoping to remain a gmail fan . . .

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