Sunday, October 28, 2007



I just got locked out of Gmail after using IMAP on 2 computers. So, IMAP won't solve this problem.

It's now about 22 hours, so I think it'll be the full day for me too. I sent a request to Gmail support, but they don't seem to care to respond me. Where did you send your request or mail?


Same problem here. Tried to sync PC Desktop/Thunderbird and Mac Laptop/Mail.app at the same time. Now I'm locked out for the day. Sucks.

If anything, they should only ever lock out the IMAP access if that is what proves to be the problem. Under no circumstances should they ever lock out the Web access. That's just stupid.


Just happened to me on imap after uploading about 250MB worth of email from my inbox in mail.app (leopard) to a fresh google apps [email protected] address.

Was working fine, even though mail was configured to check every 15 minutes I was receiving emails instantly via REST, and it kept working for a couple of hours afterward,at which point I couldn't remember why I was still on exchange.

Until I deleted a message from the inbox in mail.app, at which point I got locked down in sector 4. luckily I didn't move my MX, so I have my old exchange account hot for backup, but man this was on just one computer, didn't switch blackberry, iphone, or the other laptop over. I suppose it doesn't doesn't matter that I'm paying the princely sum of $50 for the year?

Perhaps the issue was I had the gmail interface open as well to troubleshoot why messages from:me to:me didn't show up in my inbox (old, bad habit) while I was using mail.app, and left it open the whole time.

Also, it could have been the speed at which everything synced, or the manner. Interestingly enough on IMAP, there were two syncs. first, it uploaded everything at roughly 1Mbps, and simultaneously (I guess kicked off by rest) it started downloading the messages from the server (according to activity monitor) at 1.7 megaBYTEs per second. I'm used to exchange, where things happen a little more slowly, so I thought maybe it was just local cache syncing up with itself, envelope index, etc. But no duplication, but maybe the two way thing is the issue.

I'm not certain about anything, aside from the fact that you do get what you pay for.

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