Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Alex Tolley

Probably because of his domicile, Arthur C. Clarke ofter populated his spaceships with Indian (Sri Lankan?) captains - e.g. Robert Singh of the Goliath - "Hammer of God". In 2061: Odyssey 3, the leading space tycoon is Chinese - William Tsung - the builder of the space liner Universe. Also in 2010, the 2nd spacecraft headed to Europa was the Chinese "Tsien".

I tend to think that the US is in danger of repeating the Chinese mistake of abandoning its ocean going trade ships in the early C15th ceding global power to Europe. Despite all the heroic rhetoric, the US has effectively dismantled its space science program, wasted effort on building a space shuttle that did little, the white elephant called the ISS and is struggling to return to the moon over a time frame longer than the time it took for Glenn to achieve orbit to the time Armstrong put his boot on the moon.

It really wouldn't surprise me if a weak US abandons most space travel due to budget constraints and that China or India turn out to dominate space in the next century if they gain economic ascendancy.

Dennis Chan

We can leapfrog them again by privatizing NASA. There will be an incredible boom in aerospace industry if that happens.

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