Monday, August 13, 2007



While I can understand your comments and concerns about touch on the desktop, consider the following points. HPs TouchSmart is a bad choice for a PC to be put in a home office. You are right, navigating all day with a touch screen is not practical. That said, the TouchSmart is a great idea (bound to get better in time) for a kitchen/living space PC. I talk about this in depth at www.touchsmarter.com, but to summarize, allowing touch input opens computing up to kids and grandparents who otherwise have difficulty with keyboard/mouse. Plus, touch means multiple people can interact with the PC at (nearly) the same time. Looking at pictures is a good example. Any person in a group can touch the screen to enlarge a given picture. It is more natural than taking over the mouse that someone may be using.

Certainly, not everyone wants/needs/can afford the luxery of this kind of tech at this time. But it has to start somewhere, and I think the Touchsmart is a decent start.

Also, note that HP includes a tool that will optimize Vista for touch by increasing the size of many of the buttons/scroll bars. It is not always enabled by default it seems, so perhaps that is what you used in the store. There is lots of room for improvement, sure, but that improvement is coming all the time. There is now a firefox extension that allows much friendlier touch browsing.

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