Wednesday, July 04, 2007


sebastien (ny)

This is a great post that resonates to my heart. let me share my immigrant experience with you. I am actually a native of France, and got an excellent education from the best universities in my country. However, coming from the lower class, I had the feeling that Europe no longer offered great opportunities for those starting from scratch. i have been living in the usa for almost a year now with a green card, and I do see a difference between the USA and the rest of the world: open mindedness, thriving business community, chance for everyone to build their own american dream. As much as France is an awesome country when it comes to art and traditions, there is a magic recipe here that is not easily reproducible elsewhere. Carlos Slim Helu might be filthy rich, but is he respected by his countrymen in the same way we in the usa we admire Gates and Buffet ? I doubt. The gap between these new billionaires and the lower classes of their country is abysmal. In Russia, it even backfired and gave Putin a reason to take over the oil resources controlled by the private sector in the wake of the 90's privatizations.
As for the American debate about immigration, I believe that the renewed fear for everything coming from abroad is a by-product of 9/11 (and of the insane rhetoric used by some politicians in its aftermath). I don't see any seeds of racism like in other parts of the world.


Is there any other country in the world that has avoided xenophobia? Are we so horrid or are we always upset with our inability to find some unatainable ideal?

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