Sunday, July 15, 2007


Amit Patel

The way to make this scale is to use the solution we already have: URLs. Create a short URL on your own domain and have it redirect to Twitter, Facebook, etc. When you get tired of Twitter and switch to Jaiku (or whatever), you can change the redirect, and all your business cards are still valid. You might also direct to a page that shows all the social networks you're in.

You can see the same approach being used with feeds. Just as you don't need to give out your actual twitter.com or facebook.com URL on your business card, you don't need to have people subscribe to your physical feed URL. Instead, use an intermediary like Feedburner. At the very minimum it can serve as a "permanent" feed URL that persists even if you switch blog hosts. Feedburner also offers other services.

We need that intermediary for business card URLs. The problem right now is that not everyone has access to a server that lets them create redirects, and also that even when they do (e.g., Apache), it might be difficult. There's probably a business opportunity here, but my guess is that everyone who gets into this business also wants to be at the other end of that redirect, so that you can't easily switch. :(

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