Saturday, May 12, 2007


Brian Hayes

The Republican Party is a clamor looking to revive a compulsion. The high ground it has owned for more than thirty years will require a terrific new leadership to restore.

The vigor in the Republican effort to dismantle excess regulation, bureaucracy and overhead is gone. The vigor to ignite partnership from the marketplace is gone. The stalwart and the articulate defense of individual mobility and private domain is gone.

Today the Republican culture is a balloon of plutocrats lifting a basket of opportunists over battalions of authoritarians each increasingly unable to convince the fundamentalist, the anarchist or the paranoid to remain loyal.

The clumsy 'War on Terror' has dwindled our habeas corpus as much as it plucks violence. The clumsy White House graft of autocracy trades civility with mere rank.

I admire the thrust of your post and I admire the conviction of Republicans that use their affiliation as a marque of their principles and hope. And I increasingly admire a Republican courage to admit their vote against a 75 percent gale of disapproval.

But too much of what flows in the basis and creed of the Republican Party is gone. Even their vigor to supply what may trickle down is gone.

Were Lincoln here he would likely speak on behalf of the People not the Party.

Dennis Chan

Clearly, the Republican party has been hijacked by the fundamental Christian rights and zealots on terrorism. Sometimes it takes a party losing a national election to teach them a lesson and remake the party on behalf of the People. Hopefully, this is what will happen. In the 50's, it took the Sputnik to wake up this nation. Right now, there are lots of little Sputniks around, but we are just too busy infighting and worrying about peripheral issues to notice. I am sure the anti-flag burning brigade will show up sooner rather than later. Heck, even France is embracing the capitalism model with the recent election and is moving forward. We better wakeup soon or otherwise we will become an also-ran nation.

Jeremy  Epstein

Rudy is the ONLY GOP candidate who can win (see my post: http://jer979.blogspot.com/2007/02/on-choosing-president-or-toothpaste.html).

Like you, I am a Republican, and differ on many key issues. I care about foreign policy and economics/tax policy, not about the social issues.

If I’m Rudy in the GOP primaries, I say, “Vote for Me or your Voting for Hillary.” That’s the GOP choice, since NONE of the other guys can win the general. Better to have 50% of what you want (if you are a traditional Republican), than 0% if the Dems win.

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