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I do not understand what you mean by "first generation American immigrant like yours truly" If you are here then you and your family came here to be an Americans. If you are legally here and can speak and understand the English language (the common language of the USA) and not on social welfare then Tancredo and the rest of America has no problem with you.
If you are on the team,then support the team.
Do you want the national language to change to Spanish? We are a melting pot,not a salad bowl.Come on man!,You know what everybody is
upset about.It is Mexico!

Don Campbell

It's only right that we oppose illegal immigration. Why should the US commit social & economic suicide to benefit a people in wich 41% are already on welfare. You don't relly think this is going to change because you get them out of the "shadows" do you? This Amnesty legislation is a conscious policy to decrease crime, poverty and illiteracy in Mexico & increase it here. Secure the borders, penalize the employers, stop all welfare and they'll self-deport.


"Michael got his MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982, and BSc at Auburn University in 1980. He joined Goldman Sachs & Co. in 1982.

A native of India, Michael, aka Mukesh, grew up in the middle east., coming to the US in 1977 for college."
With all your knowledge and experience and considering how long you have lived here,why would you turn on the US like this.

I guess if India allowed 30 million people
to flood into the US you would support it.
The reality is that our society would not be
in as much danger from Indian illegal immigration as it is now from Mexico.
But since your loyalties are global maybe you just view the US,not as your home,but as
some region that should have no claims of sovereignty.

Michael Parekh


My comments are far from "turning on the US". I'm merely pointing out that immigration reform is an issue that is much larger than the illegal immigration from Mexico, a notion well embraced and understood by our current President.

The long-term SOVEREIGN strength of the United States is tied to having a growing, productive and prosperous population over the next 50 to 100 years, if we are to compete economically with two billion plus people in China and India that are rapidly climbing the economic and productivity ladders over that same period.

This is as much about our economic security over the long run, as it is about physical security over both the short and long runs.

As a first generation American, I'd like to see as prosperous an America as possible over the next century, for all our families in this country.

Thank you for your comments.


I know you mean well when you say we need to compete with China and India.But that is not the purpose of this country.I do not care if India and China become more wealthy than the US.Good for them and their citizens.As long as we do not go backwards.Importing millions of poor Mexicans is not the way to compete anyway.
If you were to ask any "minuteman" out on the border in Arizona,if they had any problem with Mexico becoming a wealthy country,guess what you would hear? They would love it!
The US takes in over one million legal immigrants a year. Add in H1B guys and student visas and you have a pretty open nation.
But you are still kidding yourself if you do not want to see that this is very much about
Mexican illegal immigrants.The children of these immigrants do not even have the self respect to finish high school.

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