Saturday, April 14, 2007


ashkan karbasfrooshan

Michael, not sure if you can answer this, but re: "I hold shares in a number of the public companies mentioned in this post."

When a company is taken private, does the buyer buy up 100% of the shares in the company or do some shareholders keep shares, as a minority, alongside the private equity firm?



Bill Hobi

Web 1.5 Company?

Web 1.0 Company?

Web 2.0 Company?

How many Web "." Company models are there these days? What is state of the art?

When/Where is Web 3.0?

Bill Hobi

Yes, the advertizing world is finally moving to the Web, but is Web advertizing really effective? I NEVER look at all these "pop ups" and "Banners" at the top of a MySpace page or whatever...

And when you highlight an ad, such as the "Stuffed PC" ad by Apple; it is a Television Ad... sure you can view it on YouTube... but how many people "view" (even) a really good ad on YouTube - a few hundred thousand? How many people see that same ad when it is run during American Idol - 20 million?

The thing that I see running through all of this is that "Print" media is really dead... I read Vanity Fair,the Sunday NYT and Barron's (because I have to)... but increasingly I even read Barron's online - and the reason I read Barron's online is that it is laid out just like the magazine, and I can easily find 100% of the content online, unlike most publications that just offer a few "snippets" of the total content that is available in print.

I couldn't tell you the last time I read BusinessWeek, Fortune, Newsweek, or WIRED!, etc. I get more "content" from Bloggers today than I do "mainstream" print media. I read more Blogs than magazines! So these magazines have already lost out to the Bloggers. They are dinos! The only time I see something in one of these mainstream mags is when a Blogger links to it!

Vijay Chandran

What about the issue raised by msft any comments on it. I really would like to hear your view point and its impact on Goog stock.

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