Monday, March 26, 2007


Jo Hutchison

My 84 year old father lost his two little hearing aids yesterday on an American Eagle flight from Charleston to Dallas or on the flight from Dallas on to Lubbock. They were in a little black velvet case with silver trim. I have tried to call American Eagle and the lost and found departments at all three airports. No one cares about helping to find them. Hearing aides are very expensive and I am very disappointed in American Eagle for not trying to help


Similar experience with AA. There seems to be no system in place for holding cleaning crews accountable. It must be a plum job... you get to keep what you find! But very bad for AA's reputation. Nothing makes a customer happier than knowing that a company values honesty. I don't get that sense from AA.


ok this is coming from an AA employee..when I find something on a plane (especially of value!)I note the seat number and have the agent look up the passenger and I CALL the passenger and send it to them . I do not turn the item in if possible!Also, there have been passengers that have left a valuable, got off the plane and came right back on and the item is gone...people deplaning see the left item and swipe it. Just the other day a woman went to the restroom, came back and her pocketbook was gone from her seat. I really wish AA would have a lost and found system in place...Customers should write and complain and maybe they would do something about it. I feel everyones frustration cause I just lost my passport and try to get a # for TSA lost and found at JFK and they say to contact your carrier!!


Misery loves company. I, too, lost a DVD case full of my 3-year-old son's favorite movies. About 15 of them. I called and had the same experience--had to call the airport I flew into (DFW) and leave a message with a description. If the item was found, then I'd get a call back.

Problem is--what if it wasn't found until the NEXT airport the plane flew to? Of course I have no idea which airport was next on the plane's schedule that particular day.

Guess my son and I are out of luck.

I can't understand why there isn't a centralized lost and found database, so that customers have a better chance of locating their lost loot. Maybe someday AA will read these posts and feel badly for all of us.

Until then--good luck to everyone!


Lost and "FOUND" in the cabin on most airlines needs to be renamed "LOST". To cut a long story short -- it is a complete theft story... bulk gathering and no - no documentation ... as in tracking of 'cleaning of planes' 'lost devices' etc. Paying over $1,000 to fly 280 miles for business on the east coats USA - the airlines do not care nor need to -- for all the devices 'LEFT" at the seat. They know who we are -- they make us pay for specific seats every flight (its not a bus unless its Ryan Air) and yet they refuse to have a decent process in place or performance managment system regarding what is left in the cabin? Having dealth with this on one airline I discovered what i think needs to be a "60 minutues' piece.. consumers just get so frustrated they give up... lets not... best pb


lost wallet in seat 3a ny-zurich

multiple calls
no help

this is a disgraceful amdministrative practice

Ron M. Wood

I recently traveled to Guatemala City to visit Antigua for 3 weeks. Upon returning, I left my Sony Camera on the desk of the counter at the American Airlines Ticket Counter. After several attempts, and My newfound language of spanish, I still cannot get through to the lost and found. AA has a horrible system set up for customers who loose valuables. Nice flight, but only if your items are handcuffed to your person.


My 14 year-old daughter lost a silver Kodak Camera on an American flight (657) from DFW to Albuquerque last night. She saved up a whole year to take a school trip - her first to NYC - and lost all her pictures.
:( As all these other posts mention, there is no central lost and found for American so we are at a loss. If anyone finds it, PLEASE contact Rachel at 505 989-1182.


What's really sad about the whole thing is that AA will never see this article or the frustration by all these customers. I too had exactly the same situation as those listed, did the same routine with calling Lost & Found, etc. But I know that they do not care - and there is no way to even get anyone to care at the Airlines.


I just came back from a flight from Honolulu (June 28th, Sunday)with a layover in L.A. then off to Las Vegas (home). My brand new Sony cybershot silver camera fell out of my carryout and under my seat. I called as soon as I got home and no luck. The same thing, a recording. I even called the other airports to speak to a live person and they give me a recording of numbers which is the same AA number. How PATHETIC that someone would keep something as personal as a camera. You know they look at the pictures. I just want my memory card. They can have the camera if it means that much to them. I can always replace a camera but not the pictures of my children on a vacation such as the one they had as a first time. It makes me feel sick to know I lost it and I can't go back in time to change things. I'm in Las Vegas and if a crew member or anyone from that flight on June 28th from Honolulu with the one hour layover in LA to LV arrival time 545pm please contact me at email [email protected] if they find the memory card or camera. No questions asked. The camera was in a bright blue Miller Lite beer bottle sleeve made of foam and a zipper. Thanks. TM

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