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My 8 year old son left his DS player in the front pocket of his seat. I came to this site to get a number for lost and found but It seems to me that there is no such place. It is now lost and finders keepers loser weepers. That's quite the business they have going on there!


I left my brand new Panasonic Lumix TZ4 with wedding photos on a flight from Burbank to Dallas-Ft Worth. I asked a gate agent to check the flight within 15 minutes, no luck. Then, I filed a "lost report" with the AA Lost & Found inside the secure area. Even though I didn't recover the camera, Juanita and others there have been very courteous and helpful in person and on the phone. Juanita tracked the plane to its next destination in Fresno so I contacted the AA counter there. The agent there was also very courteous, she called me back after talking to the cleaning crew. I certainly will fly AA again.


Well I must tell you it is lost not found in the lost and found. I lost a very expensive diamond Hearts on Fire pendant on my way to Nevis. I have backtracked the trip and have found American Airlines to be a dead end.


So sorry for all who have lost valuable items. I am posting this because I too have left and lost a camera aboard an AA aircraft which arrived in Chicago last week.. and I'm writing because I am hopeful that I may still find it.
If anyone has found a PENTAX Camera aboard AA 855 or in Chicago's O'hare gate area, please call (305) 401-9901.
Even if it is only for the return of our memory card left inside the camera.
Or e-mail [email protected]
Thank you!


I left a Kodak camera on AA flight from Miami to Richmond on 11/21. It contains all of my cruise pictures as well as about a years worth of family pictures. Please contact me at 804-517-0352 if anyone locates my camera! Thank you!

Diana Berker

if you lost a coat on the Paris flt please contact me via e-mail with a discription and email


Same frustration as all of you!!! I left a small black nikkon digital camera on flight 1819 dallas/miami on sunday january 11, 2009 and realized on my way to my connecting gate. I landed on D34 and had to run to E9. My daughter ran back to the gate and of course she couldn't get back in. I was seating in 11 A,B and C. I have called 6 times already and plan to keep calling until I drive them crazy!!! My daughters' first skiing experience in 200 pictures!!! irreplaceable!! Customer service terrible!!! If by any chance someone reading this post has connections in Miami and American Airlines please help!!!!


I just had the same experience with United flight into Chicago. Left a camera onboard, but didn;t realize it until the next day. Same call trickery. Writing off the camera, just wish I could get my memory card back...


We had the same experience as Lia did with United Airlines - my daughter had left her camera in the front pocket of first class - got all the way down to the terminal and remembered - 20! minutes later, they wouldn't let her retrieve it and by the time the customer service person from baggage went to check it, they came back and said the plane had been cleaned and everything was gone and no-one had turned in ANYTHING. It was heartbreaking, not from the camera missing, but from the pictures that were irreplaceable from her grandfathers 80th birthday.

Alex V

I suppose I should add to this litany of AA lost and found stories. Nothing new to report, but just another account to reinforce what has already been said.

En route to San Jose, Costa Rica last week I left my noise-cancelling headphones and iPod all wrapped up in the headphone case on the seat of my plane in the confusion of getting my overhead baggage. My GF and I were the last people off the flight, and I know exactly where I left it, as well as the flight #, unfortunately I realized it immediately upon takeoff of my next flight between Dallas and San Jose.

On the advice of a flight attendant, I immediately had my mom get in touch with AA lost and found (as I was stuck in Costa Rica with zero phone access), and she was told the same thing as everyone else - leave a message at the AA lost and founds and someone will call you if they find it. Great. I've since left messages at Dallas, as well as at Chicago (the next place the plane went on its return), to no avail.

At this point I've pretty much given up hope as it seems like it's just a free for all on left behind items by the cleaners, which was confirmed to me by a flight attendant. I have to say it's a pretty shabby operation they have going on. To not hold their cleaning crews accountable for turning in lost items just seems wrong to me, especially considering how easy it should be to trace and recover lost items given the cirumstances. Suffice to say I feel all of your pain.

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