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So sorry to hear about your camera bag being lost. As a former excessively frequent flyer, I've had my share of baggage loss experiences. Inevitably, the irrepleacable item was of much more sentimental than monetary value, like your lost pictures from what must have been a wonderful World Cup event. But at least we have our memories!


I recently lost my eyeglasses on America Airlines trip Boston to San Juan. I can totally relate to your experiences. I have called San Juan AA I don't know how many times. No one will help. One person who worked for American said "We'll for it to be returned it depends on the honesty of the employee." I'm sorry to say I don't think you will me getting you Camera or me my glasses.


I found your article while trying to find a link for lost and found + American airlines. I, like you, know WHICH flight I left my cell phone on, I also KNEW it before the plane moved OR let anyone else on the plane. However, even thought we knew it was on the plane, we were not allowed to go back on the plane and retrieve the phone. We were less than 25 feet from the phone and the airline employees would not even let us ATTEMPT to retrieve our own item!!
I won't fly this airline again--
Tell me, how exactly do you "write off" all the stuff you lose on their airplanes?


Your blog post probably just saved me a lot of aggravation. Last night my husband left his iPod on an American Airlines flight from St. John to Puerto Rico. I was planning to call American Airlines "lost and found" with the flight number and the seat he was in. I went to the AA site, and, as you mentioned, there is no obvious way to locate their lost & found. So, I did a quick Google on "lost item on American Airlines flight" and found your post.

Judging by your post and the other comments on here, it's probably not even worth trying to recover the iPod, especially since it's a couple of years old : ) It sucks even more for you and the others who lost some things that are much more personal / valuable.

Needless to say, we'll avoid flying American Airlines again, if possible.


I recently lost an Ipod on an American Airlnes Flight. I was told by American Airlines central lost and found that the cleaning crews have first dibs on all left behind items and if they don't want the item they throw it away. That is almost a verbatim qoute.


Melynda A Bailey

I too have lost an item on a recent American flight. I know exactely where it was left, in what seat and flight number. Before I even discribed the item "Wanita" in Dallas told me she did not have it. I was amazed that she did not need to have a description nor have look at an inventory or through a clost to verify that she did not have the item, a bluetooth headset wall charger. I think the posters comments about cleaning crews having first dibs is probably true and I just wish they would say that instead of going through the presense of customer support.


This EXACT same thing happened to me about 3 years ago- I literally reported the lost camera in person about 30 minutes after the flight had landed- I knew exactly where it was- the front pocket of my seat- exact seat number and everything. No response whatsoever.
To add insult to injury, I was in the last row of the plane, my boyfriend and I were the last passengers out of there, so I'm sure one of the flight attendants or cleaners has a great Canon camera and had a great time looking at my pics from Disneyworld.


Jillian, the same thing happened to me! I think I left my digital canon camera on the airplane, on my seat and then got off of the plane. I called AA customer service right away and they told me to contact O'Hare Airport AA Lost and Found. There, customers are only able to leave messages and they will only return your call if the item has been returned. I just wanted to speak to a ‘live’ person but I wasn't able to. I had a little hope that it would get returned but now that it has been a week and I haven't received a call, I've lost all hope and all my pictures from a wedding. Now after reading everyone's comments about the cleaning staff having first dibs, it really makes me sad! **If anyone finds a canon digital camera in a blue case, please let me know! Thank you!** ([email protected])


I lEFT my I pod on AA flight from Dallas to Seattle. Realized it as soon as I got past boarding. Was not allowed to go back on plane to retrieve. Told to call. I CALLED #20 TIMES! NO I POD! NO HELP! NO MORE AMERICAN AIRLINES FOR PLEASURE, BUSINESS, FRIENDS, ETC!

Ted Johnson

Interesting blog, Mr. Parekh. As for American Airlines lost and found, they seem to have the perfect solution--for themselves. If you leave something on the plane, they say contact the airport--and when you contact the airport, it says contact the airline. It's a very neat closed loop, so that your lost item is forever out of reach.

After I flew into Boston last week, I remembered exactly where, when, and on what flight I left my prescription glasses case. The AA website says: if you left it on the plane, contact the airport. The Logan airport lost and found office recorded message says: If you left it on the plane, contact the airline.

So things don't seem to be any better than they were at the beginning of this thread. And looking at the AA website, there's no phone number for customer relations.

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