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Connectivity problems are just a part of the enormous difficultied that a customer has to face here in India. Unsolicited SMS are ubiquitous. Almost all companies and Airtel in particular send SMS promoting some stupid service they have come out with. If it was once a day then it could be overlooked but a hapless customer is bombarded with such SMSs throughout the day. Even after unsubscribing to their SMS service (by sending SMS "NO" to 456 in case of Airtel), a customer is relentlessly persecuted. If yahoo were to send us SMS it would be acceptable because they are providing free mail service but Airtel charges a hell lot of money and on top of that rubs it in by sending such SMSs. Other problems include non-refund of deposits, disconnection of services despite taking large sums as deposits and so on. I think the Government option BSNL is the best. If these guys are going to trouble you despite charging such a lot then why not pay less for the same trouble by using BSNL?


Welcome 'home', Michael!

The experiences and frustrations you've outlined in the post above are, to put it mildly, benevolent as compared to some of the other practices that most (if not all) cell operators engage in, here in India.

For starters, many of them 'outsource' their bill collection taskes to various 'agencies' in many cities. It might surprise, even shock, you to know that many of these agencies are owned/operated by people who are generally well-known(!) to be the local 'toughs'! I guess you get the drift here.

What might surprise and shock you even more is that some of the banks and financial institutions here engage in similar practices too.

Out here, 'everything goes' and while one hates 'mud slinging' one's own nation in front of a global audience, I could not resist putting in my 2 cents - thanks for listening. :-)

Yaser Anwar

Seems like an investing opportunity for buyout funds and big telco. With so much money flowing in India, I think the market for communication will become efficient once we see a foreign owner, someone with experience in telecom i.e. VZ, Vodafone, buy one of the operators to gain a foothold.

Just a thought

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