Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Yaser Anwar


There are lots of issues, especially in Gaming, when you upgrade to Vista. I'm sure that won't be a problem for you but for the 70 million avid gamers, Web Tangent's gaming is like heaven. And for now, it doesn't work.

To make VISTA more secure, MSFT has added so many layers of "computer bureaucracy" that its insane.

Good luck anyways.

Matt Keegan

I won't be getting Vista anytime soon unless I decide to purchase a new laptop.

It seems that waiting for Microsoft to get the bugs out of something, if ever, is the best course. Plus, the price is way too high.

There shouldn't be much of a surprise that the response from consumers has been tepid thus far.


I'm somewhat similar - I like the idea of Vista, but I've been waiting for some of the above developments before taking the plunge. (Wouldn't you feel insane to put down $2k or $3k on a great laptop but lacking a hybrid drive or an external sideshow enabled display and then have it become 'outdated' (more so than the usual pace of tech progress dictates) the next month)

But, let me give you the 'glass half empty' analysis: these promised features seem to be long long long in coming. Lots of talk, little action. Back in 06', the way msft and manufacturers talked, sideshow based laptops would be out in large number by, if not the launch of vista, then certainly Q2-Q3. It's May 2007. How many sideshow laptops have been announced ... I can think of exactly 2: the Asus, and the LG. Both of which are shoved into a specific (and unnecessarily limited niche) with their tiny 12" screens.

Hybrid drives were 'just on the horizon' in 06'. Again, it's May 07 and, for all intents and purposes, they don't even exist in consumer laptops.

How long should we wait for these features, and at what point have we undergone the transformation from 'wise consumer, making an informed choice to delay a purchase in anticipation of future advances' to 'poor soul, being led along by vaporware promises'

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