Thursday, January 11, 2007



Getting this iphone to sync with desktop and remote server would be just great. Despite gripes about isync for sometime, its now time for remote sync, wireless sync services. Personally getting it to use with a zyb.com account can be the most covenient way. I can migrate to other network so can my address book and yeah appointments :)

Jason Wood


Nice perspective. Wireless churn exists for many reasons, but ultimately how many of us are so married to our carrier we wouldn't switch? I've been Verizon for years, but with number portability, I would swap to Cingular without hesitation if there was enough impetus.

The iPhone (or ApplePhone is Cisco has its way) MAY (emphasis on the MAY) be impetus enough.

Best, and Happy New Year!


Alex Tolley


I personally don't think there is much difference between cell carriers in the US. As a Verizon subscriber happily out of the 2 year contract term, I wouldn't hesitate to switch to Cingular to use the iPhone, although I also lament the lock-in. However, one impetus for me is the WiFi connection and the possibility of using a very low cost VOIP service in the Bay Area where free WiFi is slowly rolling out.

Imagine this for a future strategy. Apple indeed sells lots of iPhones, then allows each phone to become part of the WiFi network thus making the phones independent of the carriers. Cheaper vendors like Belkin will also assist at the low end, finally forcing real, low cost competition to the carriers.

Bill Burnham

From what I hear the exclusive arrangement was the result of the very hard economic bargain that Apple drove in terms of A) the handset subsidy that Cingular will pay to Apple B) Apple's desire for complete control of platform even after it's on the network C) Apples's desire to get a significant share of the back-end economics of app/content sales to the phone. The only way Cingular could justify these kinds of concessions was to get a multi-year exclusive. From what I understand Apple's deal is basically unique in the handset world and the carriers are all praying that Cingular hasn't opened Pandora's box.

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