Monday, December 11, 2006


Yaser Anwar

NYT needs to realize no relationship works "exactly" as planned. There are always deviations from estimates, after all they are just that, estimates.

By 2010 The Street expects there to be 150 million iPods, if the number comes close to that we will have plenty of iTunes songs being downloaded.

Right now, as always, so many companies are trying to take a bite out of AAPL [read: Napster, Y! Music] not to mention the plethora of torrent downloads which are absolutely free. Like any trend, there will be ups and downs.

As a general thought- With the steady climb of AAPL's stock, analysts will keep coming out with reports trying to underpin their growth- their analysis and thesis, in my view are misguided as AAPL never gives any guidance whatsoever.

Just my two cents. Take care and hope you had a good weekend!


Good observation. I know a few people with two or three iPods and they use them for various purposes--exercise, extra disk space, etc.

Apple's doing a great job with improving its hardware (maybe too often at times), but I think they're woefully ignoring the software side right now. Why? Well, let's use Fred Wilson's favorite word--de-portalization. Apple hasn't been taking advantage of social networks which are increasingly becoming more abundant and can be successful in the music realm, as illustrated by Lastfm. iTunes, in general, could also be better designed to improve functionality. This is important, because iPods aren't always going to drive music sales--the French, for instance, are trying to legislate iTunes to work for all music devices, which could be bad for the iPod. Even without French legislation, it's important for iTunes to stay competitive: it is most likely the centerpiece of Apple's upcoming strategy to dominate media through the living room (through iTV).

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