Thursday, November 09, 2006


Nephtaly Rivera

On Tuesday November 14th, the music talk show "Soundcheck" will feature New York Times writer David Pogue. He will be discussing the new Zune music player, its comparization to the ipod and era of the mp3. "Soundcheck" discusses different music topics every day. It airs live Monday thru Friday at 2 PM on WNYC New York Public Radio 93.9 FM. If you are outside of New York City New Jersey, or Connecticut, you can listen live on wnyc.org.

Yaser Anwar

Users need to have a ZunePass, which allows you to stream or download content on a subscription basis on up to three authorized computers or Xbox 360 consoles.

The main hassle is: you must sign into the Zune Marketplace at least once every 30 days to refresh your digital licenses that accompany each download of subscription content.

If you have transferred subscription content to your Zune device, you will need to connect the Zune device to your computer and log into the Zune Marketplace to refresh your device at least monthly.


Taking one tiny step back from all the hype about new ipod-killers and what not, the thing that bothers me all this while is that the basic tech and value proposition of these gadgets remain the same.

There is no revolutionary or watershed breakthrough that makes any of this stuff monumentally different from an ipod that's released two years ago.

Until that happens, these companies can continue to roll out their "new and improved gadgets" but it'll have to be something really radical for the existing users to switch.

It wasn't that long ago when the ipod was marketed as "a gadget that'll be with you for life".

Now they're using FMCG tactics to rake in as much dough in the shortest time possible, their keynotes aping Paris's seasonal fashion shows.

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