Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Yaser Anwar

As someone who's an avid gamer I think I can provide a good review of them.

The cons with Sony's PS3 vs the others are:

1) To play with existing data from PS2 titles you have to purchase an additional memory card adapter as the PS3 does not feature original PlayStation memory card slots. Likewise, not all PS2 games will play properly on the PS3, only adding to the frustration of the gaming experience.

2) Logistics and distribution- What pisses me off the most is I've to wait till the end of Feb 07 to get my PS3, which is totally ridiculous. I just can't believe that Sony's mgmt would have missed the massive demand of this product. PS2 has been the best selling console, so Sony just releasing 400,000 units is hubris! You'd think after delaying it twice they would have gotten their act together.

3) The price- having talked to friends who recieved their PS3s, some even paying hefty prices on eBay, this was not an issue. why? the Ps3 is not just a gaming console its an entertainment system which brings me to its pros.

the pros of PS3 vs others:

1) As some one who has an Xbox 360, I've played plenty of PS3 on their launch parties down here in Canada and even in Dubai. The revolutionary Cell Broadband Engine in the PS3 can deliver smooth performance as it is able to handle a higher workload much more easily. So what does this mean? It means much smoother transitions and virtually no slow down in frame rate. With that in mind, PS3 games are far superior graphically than its PS2 predecessor, and are faster than most PC games on the market today, and in my view better than xbox 360.

2) Blue-ray: Blu-ray discs are the next leap forward in disc technology. It provides for more storage, up to 50GB, which allows it to meet the requirements of high-def games and movies. The best part about Blue-ray is that Blu-ray drive featured in the PS3 will also support many of the older disc formats, including CD-ROM, CDR+W, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD+R.

At the end of the day its "you get what you pay for". When you buy a PS3 you get the amazing new technologies, not to mention the wicked good line of upcoming games & IMO graphics that are better than the xbox 360.

That being said this xmas will be a Xbox 360 Xmas in terms of sales. Unfortunately all the pros don't matter if you can't have one.....or have to wait ages for one. Hence MSFT will be the sales and volume beneficiary.

With regards to Wii's problems- Whether its Xbox 360, PS3 or the Wii I can promise you they all have their flaws. Good thing is they are working to make them go away. I remember having lots of probs when PS2 came out such as; not being able to play PS1 games and hard drive reading problems, but all those eventually went away.

So when consumers will complain, the 3 console makers will listen.

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