Saturday, November 18, 2006


Andrew Parker

The leak is the big story here IMHO. The manifesto itself sounds it is written by someone who has to rely on metaphors because he has no actual remedy. He's describing the water that all of Yahoo is drowning in, instead of throwing out a life preserver. But, whoever leaked with to WSJ made a very interesting decision that reflects poorly on Yahoo upper-management.

Eric Jackson

Yes, it demonstrates a lack of cohesion on the management team. Into a vacuum steps these kinds of comments.

A change at the top is necessary.

I think Jerry Yang and David Filo need to demonstrate some strong leadership here:




Yaser Anwar

Yahoo is trying to be all things to everyone, a one stop solution. This leads them to specialize and make every aspect perfect- from search to entertainment to personal needs (such as mail, photo sharing etc) of consumers.

In recent months the company has suffered some embarrassing setbacks in its sales of both display and Web search advertising. Many advertising industry executives say Yahoo's lead in working with big marketers has eroded as other companies have built up popular Web sites, sales operations and advertising technology.

Google, in the meantime, is taking advantage of Yahoo's problems to cement crucial deals that could make its rival's recovery even more difficult. Before Google agreed to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock, it paid $1 billion for 5 percent of AOL, locking in the right to sell text ads that appear next to its search results. And it agreed to pay $900 million over three and a half years to sell ads on MySpace.com, giving it a huge number of pages where it can place banner ads. (Yahoo flirted with AOL and bid actively for MySpace.)

With these and other deals, Google has neutralized Yahoo's big competitive advantage on Madison Avenue: its ability to sell the full range of advertising, from splashy video campaigns to text ads on search results.

I would strongly suggest reading JJ's comments at this Henry Blodget post, some really good points.


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