Sunday, October 08, 2006


John Cox

The spell check is real nice and worth the upgrade, IMO.

Yaser Anwar

The new version doesn't add any major new features compared to previous betas, but instead improves on what has already been added. My favorites are: the improved RSS handling, session saving, and major tab handling upgrades.

My favs that don't work: Tab Mix Plus, Forecast fox, Update Notifier & some more. Oh ya! most of my themes went bust.

There are often in-development extensions that users can grab that do work, and there are ways to tweak the extension files to trick Firefox into loading add-ons it doesn't think are compatible.

So Michael if you've got must-have addons, your right to wait for the final version so extension authors have time to catch up.

Probably in a month or so, based on the version 1.5 time line.

Omar Upegui R.

Hi Michael:

I totally agree with you. Why suffer from bug infestations when you can wait until the final polish version of Firefox is available.

Isn't common sense the most common of all senses?




I am just trying out the new release of IE7, and find it interesting all the debate about this release versus the Firefox download. One of the most interesting aspects of the IE vs. Firefox battle is the development of the ecosystem of extensions or add-ons. It’s not just about bugs and features. Right now Firefox had a great advantage in this space but you can see Microsoft trying to catch up.
I noticed an interesting extension called Trailfire, set up as a recommended download for IE7. See link:


I think the ecosystem for Firefox and IE will decide who wins this battle. What do you think?

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