Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yaser Anwar

The view fraud problem extends back to the days of banner advertising when webmasters would be paid for each banner impression and not click.

There used to be, and I'm pretty sure still are, sites which promise to pay you, fraud of course, for viewing a number of different hours to make "a killing from home". It was part of 1 of the biggest "work at home and get rich schemes" that used to be famous back in the day, though now have lost their allure.

Digg.com also had it's fair share of problems where a few top contributors gamed the system, though Kevin Rose & Co. will deny it.

At the end of the day, every cure or every step taken to prevent gaming will give birth to an equal an opposite reaction.

In the words of Agent Smith from the Matrix,

Agent Smith: "Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability."

Nicholas Quixote

Hi Michael,

We like your site. We question that this topic is "not news" though.

The fact is, Jim made only one post of his suspicions. There's nothing else out there. Our site, Rabbit Bite's Blog http://rabbitbites.com/blog/, which you failed to mention, confirmed a month ago that we had tested view inflation. Furthermore, we examined every other category of success at YouTube including "most talked about", "top favorite", etc. and showed their vulnerability.

If this subject is old hat, how come no one picked up the thread until our blog started tracking some of the inflated videos? There are obvious implications for advertisers. And certainly Hollywood might care, as the viewership numbers that are enthusiastically compared to La La Land should be highly questionable. If people had understood the story's implications, don't you think there would have been more than Jim's little post?

Mashable, for the record, has merely confirmed what we have said all along. Mashable used many of our examples and confirmed everything we have been saying.

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