Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Yaser Anwar

Excellent & a much awaited move by Apple!

In one fell swoop Apple's movie deal steal market share and millions of dollars from Netflix, Blockbuster Video, and dozens of other major DVD retailers. I see a similar thing happening when it releases the iPhone.

The iPod craze has already proven itself to be a Trojan horse that Apple is using to cross-sell its other products—namely its computers.

In fact, almost every person that has an iPod now wants an Apple computer (I had the urge & this summer I finally got a Mac). So by selling millions of iPods, Apple has created millions of fans who want to upgrade to the "coolest" computer on the planet & soon other products such iTV & iPhone.

After all, carrying just a cell phone that plays songs, movies and games beats having to drag along a phone and an iPod.

I also wanted to give your readers the 'Top 5 Institutional Shareholders of Apple' (As of August 30)

Fidelity Management & Research- 57 mil
Alliance Bernstein- 50 mil
Barclays Global Investors- 34 mil
State Street Global Advisors- 22 mil
Vanguard- 21.5 mil

Yaser Anwar

Unofficial iPhone commercial by award winning filmmaker Christopher DeSantis


Philip Cunningham

Don't worry Michael, the Cingular deal is a tactical deal for the launch.

I'd guess what Apple wants is to be the gatekeeper for WHERE your call goes. The iTV box is part of the phone strategy. The name hasn't been "offically" launched because that would blow the cover. If it can, the phone talks to the iTV box and then on via VOIP if possible, otherwise out to Cingular or whoever. Apple can sell the phone as it has an immediate use and can use the subscriber bulk to do better deals with other carriers. Apple sits right in the middle of the home, concentrating and switching sound, video and talk.

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