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Hey, listen, I've had a really interesting experience! Was on the customer service line for almost an hour, trying as you, to change plan and keep my aol screen name. They had no record of my billing account which is a credit card, even tho' I've been paying it for over 7 years! I said my son installed it years ago and he's 20 now! They put me on hold for 2 minutes, which is how long they told me it would take....came back, had disconnected my service, I lost my address book info and they would not allow me to use my screen name, because a nonadult had set up the account. Even though I was there, with my credit card and authorizing it, because I said he typed in the info, they disconnected, immediately my service.

SO, if you want OUT of AOL, first copy your address book and then tell them your 12 year old son installed the program! Instant disconnect. As you can see, however, I was able to open an aol account with a slight change. Won't use it after this, just wanted to see if it would work.

Best wishes,



Dear Michael,
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

I read your initial post, dialed the 800 number and got the whole thing done in under 10 minutes. Since they had just deducted my monthly fee yesterday I asked them to refund it, and they agreed. I would have forfeited the paid time I had until 09/25.



AOL Support? Isn't that an oxymoron? Here's all you get from AOL Support: "Clear your cache and reboot your computer." I once got that line and replied, "I already did that. I also slaughtered a chicken and did a voodoo dance around my monitor. Now can I talk to someone who knows what he's doing?"


Well I finally got around to calling AOL to change plan. I had intended to go to the "free plan" but after reading on here that they would offer a $4.95 per month plan with 10 hours free dialup when you said you were going to go FREE -- I decided to go that route. I live in the country and sometimes my highspeed connect doesn't work [it uses a radio receiver and tower thing] so I felt it was worth the $4.95 to be able to dial up to get internet service. To offset monthly cost, I do Opinion Place surveys about twice a month and get credits of about $6 per month, so it will end up being free with the dial up and the terrific tech support [yeah right].


WWell I just finished with an interesting situation with AOL from going to their free service. About two years ago I too experienced the crunch of paying for my cable internet service and my AOL service. So I called to cancel the membership and they convinced me to go with their $14.95 unlimited plan since I still needed a dial up service once in awhile. To my demised I locked myself into the deal for 2 years and it finally ran out in June of this past year. So last week I decided to find out when the contract was to end and used their online billing help to find out when my agreement ended and they verified that it ended in June and I had the option to go to the $9.95 a month plan but no one had mentioned the free plan, not the online help or the phone call I made later.
So I found out the $9.95 per month plan was the same as my current $14.95 a month plan. At this point pretty frustrated that AOL didn’t change the plan for me automatically since they no longer offered the plan I was on. Then I started to read more into AOL and all the problems they had been having and I noticed the free plan had been offered recently (I usually delete AOL junk mail, so I probably missed the letter from them on it). I went ahead and switched to the free service Online. I checked to make sure I was on the free plan for about 2 days after that and went ahead and deleted their software which I had been using for years and went with the HTML mail pages. Then 8 days later I check my bank account and they processed a $9.95 charge to my account. I immediately called them to find out why I had been switched back to the $9.95 a month plan. They stated that I logged back into my account the day following my change and switched it back to a paying account. I explained to them that I intentionally checked my account for 2 days afterwards and it was still set as a free account. I was then told that someone could have had access to my account and changed it for me. Since I am the only user to my accounts, I was shocked that someone would intentionally hack into my primary account and change my billing plan for me.
They explained that they would change my account back to the free plan but it would take 1 to 2 billing cycle till I knew if I was going to get the $9.95 refunded back into my account. I asked why I couldn’t find out now that I was getting a refund and they lady explained that she was only a consultant for AOL and an AOL department had to review the circumstances. I told her that I would like to talk to an AOL employee and get the approval right away. She explained to me that she was an AOL employee and at that time it was apparent that she didn’t understand the difference between a consultant and an employee. So I did the normal situation and asked for the supervisor which assured me that since I was a long standing customer since 1998, that they would approve the refund and I would see it in my account in 3-5 business days. So hopefully by next Friday (9/22/06)I hope that I won’t have to call back AOL but I know that I will.


Like you, I'm now a free AOL user, waiting like millions of other users to see if the new AOL is any different from the old AOL. So far I have discovered the following:

The fact that there is no tech support turns out to be a more serious problem than I had imagined. Almost immediately after I changed to a free account glitches started showing up in my email.
First, the automatic spell checker no longer works. I have to click on Spell Check the old way. Second, the quote system when replying to an email no longer works. If I highlight a phrase from the email to which I am replying, the phrase does NOT show up in the reply. No amount of tinkering with email settings preferences did any good.
1. Do you think the whole system is gradually going to deteriorate so that we will be driven to go back to paying?
2. Has this happened to anybody else?


I was wondering after reading all this if it may be the cause of the bad drag AOL has had the last week. For no reason I would be working or in a meeting and poof I was being booted. ( not as if this didn't seem as any routine for AOL) but sure has been more frequent. Now my understanding of the new free AOL is it should all be the same except we would no longer be able to get any tech support. is this the only thing we would have to go without HA HA HA? Does it also mean the so called live help? Would The AOL pictures and AOL by phone ( which I pay for separate from my regular service or added to I should say I do know I pay $4.99 extra for this a month)Just wondered if I would be given that up to change over to the free account. It would really be nice to have them list things like . Changing over to free AOL will mean you will no longer receive ect... And list what all we would have to give up to do this. I'm still not sure as to that and I have to agree with the long drawn out process it takes to even get to the consultant. Half the time now that I do know that is the key word I still get the normal..... humm I'm sorry I am having a problem understanding you let me repeat the options bla bla bla . After the third time maybe I do finally get let me connect you to a consultant that can better assist you. Only then to have to once again go through all the bla bla bla. I have received so much bad advice that has caused me to lose my information and even had to take my computer back to factory settings 3 times in this last year based on their instructions to do it. Still to this day I receive about 20 to 30 returned emails that I had never sent out in the first place. Guess I shouldn't complain compared to the 50 to a 100 I was receiving grrrrrr. Oh but they want me to think it was Norton not catching things and my having a virus NOT!!!!! I just gave up and was happy to only have to worry about deleting 20 a day not bad lol. Had one consultant the last one I had talked to about this issue tell me Oh that is just spoofing . I asked him why didn't any one else in the last month and many calls no to tell me this. He said not many were even aware of this fact and out of the two years he had worked for AOL he had only come across this issue one time before. The odd thing after I had tried all the many things I had been told to do including taking my system back to factory settings 3 times. Even asking if my master screen name could be changed to stop this and was told they would not be able to do that. This guy told me to just change my security settings to hi and if that didn't work then he thought it best I ask to have my master screen name changed but in doing so I would lose every picture I have stored on AOL you've got pictures. Being I have so many I could not risk that loss and so I just smile daily as I delete all the mail returns from people I don't even know who they are and that I had never even mailed any thing to period. Hum I wonder if I were to switch to the free AOL if this would take care of this problem for good :)

Susan Graves-Ohri

Dear Sirs at AOL,

I would like to switch my plan from what ever it is today, I believe it is the $29.95 plan, to the $9.95 plan but I also need the unlimited use on line. So far this is the fourth time I have tried to switch on line and I would appreciate a real person to talk to on the phone. But of course no phone number included in any of the paper work I have received from your office head quarters. What can I do if anything at all. I am sure that there is no trouble collecting the payment at this time.


Susan Graves-Ohri
[email protected]

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