Thursday, August 03, 2006


john demayo

Given the NPV of a paying AOL customer, and NPV of a highly satisfied user of the free offering, I think they are making the correct economic decision.

The medium/long term strategy appears correct in mving to an free ad-supported model, as does dragging their feet a bit in letting people move over, IMO.


It's easy online

Get on your AOL account

Enter AOL Keyword "change plan"

on click on the free plan on the next screen and you are done


Given the NPV of a paying AOL customer, and NPV of a highly satisfied http://www.ggju.info/sitemap.htm user of the free offering, I think they are making the correct economic decision.


Good idea!!Cool!!


Good post!!


You can do it online.
1. ctrl-K gets you to keyword screen
2. type in "change plan" click "go"
There will be a new window with a "change to FREE" (or something like that) button.
3. Click on that button.
4. you are done, so go buy yourself a 12 pack with the savings, and enjoy your weekend!!

marilyn fisher

The only positive thing that comes to me fom this AOL nightmare is discovering this blog. Out of desperation I keyed in "AOL Change Plan" in the search field and found you! Also got to the Wall Street Journal article referencing you; no better endorsement! The best advice was when to use the secret weapon "operator" in the the 1-800 chain of prompts. The human being I spoke with was truly out of touch with the nightmare. She told me I could type in Change Plan and when I explained there was no keyword field, she said " oh yeah, you need the software". That was it! I got away without a pitch to stay, except for warning me about no tech support. I told her that given this experience I would not be missing much. Thank you everyone for all the advice and validating my rage!


I was hesitant to make the switch from paid to free AOL and happened upon this info. Funny, it came up when I was trying to get aol help online! I have been paying out $$ for 10 years to aol and have really had enough.

I got a special price of $9.95 in the spring when I was going to quit.

I followed the advice above and tried to get change my plan online. It showed my plan and then said in red "you cannot make changes to your plan".

I guess that means I will have to call and deal with a person...ick! Not sure why I can't do it online..any ideas why?

Also, I know that you get to keep your email names and address book. What about items in your favorite places? IF you cannot, is there a fast & easy way to transfer them {word?} and then get them onto IE which is how I will get onto the internet after freeing myself?

One last Q -- will the AOL security stuff still work? I use the anti-virus that they give you as my only source of anti-virus.
Speaking of the anti-virus...I have had a strange occurance the fast week...I get a popup telling me that the antivirus has been updated. I used to get these every once in a while. It is now popping up every 15 minutes or so. Sometimes it says I have to restart my computer for updates to take effect. It is most annoying and I cannot continue what I am doing unless I close the dialog box. Actually, this was the help issue I was trying to get info online @ aol last night when I happened upon your page. I kept getting an error message when I tried to get live technical help.

Sign me..."can't wait to leave"


Thank you for this information! I've been trying to figure out how to switch to free without calling AOL Helpless Desk for a while now. I started with what I thought was the obvious route: keyword Billing, which is where I went years ago to change my plan from dial-up to bring-your-own-access, and later from unlimited to pay-as-you-go. I tried that keyword shortly after I heard about the change to free, but the plan-changing option there only offered three options: unlimited dial-up, limited use dial-up, and pay-as-you-go dial-up (not even a BYOA option). All of them are paid services; there were no options for free service.

Honestly, I have hardly logged onto AOL for the last five years. The only reason I still had an AOL account (at $7 a month pay-as-you-go) is because it hosts a website I created in 1995. I moved my site to a hosted domain in 1998, but there are still links all over the net to my old AOL address. I replaced all the old pages with forwards to my domain.

I am so pleased to *finally* stop paying increasing amounts to forward from a URL that was obsolete 8 years ago!

Keyword: Change Plan worked for me!!! I think... I haven't actually gone through a month without paying yet...


We just called aol to check exactly what "change plan" means...... apparently it excludes one from aol phone support ><
So there's a $4.95 plan to "ensure" aol phone support for those times one needs it.

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