Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Gibu Thomas


Thanks for your comments.

Regarding your concern about the backup of your photos being treated like the crown jewels of England, we are in violent agreement with you as well.

We never touch your originals on your hard-drive. The first thing we do when you import pictures to the app is to replicate those files fully to a remote server, so it is preserved even if your hard drive crashes (in the beta software, you have to set your preference to do this, otherwise a compressed version is what is synced, but that will change in future versions to the way I described it above).

From then, any changes you make are made to your view within the application. So, if you rotate an image on your mobile, that is reflected on the web and on the desktop, but the underlying image on your PC file system and the back up on our servers are preserved as it originally was until you explicitly export the 'modified' version from the app or the website (the timing of the 'export full-res' functionality is tied to the 'automatic sync of full-res' functionality in the next couple of months).

The solution is also not positioned as a sync solution. It is an all-in-one solution for your syncing, sharing, remote access and backup problems. Our belief is that consumers should not have to search for point solutions for each of these problems separately. Similar to an Exchange server, Sharpcast leverages its brand of a universal, multi-way, instant sync as an all-in-one solution to all those problems. Back up is syncing to a remote server. Sharing is syncing to someone else. Anywhere access is syncing to a remote server, etc.

Also, it is not just the files that are backed up, it is also the meta-data. So, to recover your entire collection on a brand new PC, all you have to do is install the app and log in as yourself. Your entire workspace, with your photos, captions, album organization, everything will be automatically recreated there, sort of like installing Outlook on a brand-new PC at work. So, it is an amazing backup solution -- a back up solution where you don't have to think or do the work and even the tiniest changes are automatically and incrementally preserved.

We think this user experience is the future. It is very experiential, similar to the transition from a VCR to a Tivo. And Photos is just the beginning for us. Someday, before we are done, you will be able to focus on just creation and consumption of any form of digital data, without worrying about the cumbersome management, regardless of how many devices you have or regardless of whether you are online or offline.

I would be curious to hear your feedback after you try out the app.

Thanks Michael,


Gibu Thomas
CEO, Sharpcast

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