Sunday, June 11, 2006


Jason Wood


I too raced to add FeedFlare upon the SixApart/Feedburner news only to quickly reverse course for the exact reasons you cite. The good news is Nick, the integration engineer involved with the project, commented on my blog that FeedFlare integration is coming in the next release (no word on when that is, however).


Also, re: your formatting to better handle mobile devices. I hadn't thought of that until a few weeks ago, at a dinner with some SAP folks, one of them tried to pull my blog up on his Treo and had difficult reading it. Your idea of reformatting is something I'll need to look into; well done.


Michael Parekh

thanks for your comment, Jason...that's good to here that the Typepad folks are working on the Feedflare integration.

At the very least, they should provide an "email this" option at the end of every post. Even my wife, who is as mainstream as one can get in terms of blogging and stuff, got the utility of that.

On the PDA front, minimizing the left column of the blog seems to help a ton in improving the readability of the blog on a small device.

Not to mention that it seems to load a lot faster too.

It's easy to add a ton of bling into the sidebars over time on a blog until you realize that each one need to load via different servers everytime the blog is called up.

I've often sat waiting for a blog to open (mine or someone else's), and noticed that the hang up seems to be not Typepad, but some third-party service called up by a sidebar item.

Thanks again,


Emil Sotirov

Michael - would you consider changing your post titles to normal capitalization?

Tom Burka

Here's an alternative suggestion: Why does the software for internet surfing on cells not allow you to jump from to column to column (instead of, say, hitting a particular button three hundred times to move to the bottom of one column and the top of the next)? I read tons of blogs -- and the only way to do that using the 7130 is to bookmark a web page for PDA link -- those that have them (mine does).

Doesn't it make sense to alter the software so that it can be used to view the available content instead of altering all of the pages on the web to suit the software?

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