Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I think that some of us are missing the forest for the trees. I'll admit that it's a great marketing ploy to not have to download the beta to test it out, but I think there are alternative motives here as well.
I've explained a little further in my blog post at the link below: http://www.thatedeguy.com/archives/2006/06/office-2007-test-drive-or-online-office-test

Basically, I think that MS is using this "test drive" as a way to test out an online office suite for release later this summer.


I feel that it's an easier way for Microsoft to show off their new products. Many people now understand that "installation of this beta should not interfere with your preexisting installed Office product but could destroy your data" is a red flag. For those who want to try it, they should find a spare computer to install it on. Now not many people have a spare computer with 1GB of RAM to use Microsoft Office Vista Outlook (or whatever it's called) so the Citrix solution is a wonderful way to promote the new software. Microsoft also recently signed a 5 year contract with Citrix, so that is part of it as well.


I've run the Live web demo and I've noticed that in the demo, some apps have the "File" menu and others don't. Does anyone know if this is an option that users can choose from? I have heard that there is no backward compatibility on the interface, so did some apps get a interface update and others not? Outlook is the old interface, as well as Publisher.

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