Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Jeff Jarvis

So, fine, make the hall of shame. List all the companies you want. But just because others do it, that doesn't make it OK for any one of them to do it. As a person and executive, you have to pass the mirror-in-the-morning test. A movement starts with one brave, principled person. Who will that be?

And this is about Yahoo because it was Semel on the stage saying stupid things. There has been plenty of criticism of Google, too, not to mention News Corp. for years.

And all that is beside the point. Didn't all our mother's tell us that they didn't care if someone else was doing it, they cared if we were doing it. If your friend jumped off the bridge, they challenged us, would you? If your friend handed in a journalist to go to jail for 10 years, would you? That is the real question. Answer it or answer the Hitler question or the apartheid question, then. Where is the limit? What is the principle. That is the discussion I think we should have.

So where is the limit of an individual executive's and company's responsibility? Let's have that discussion.

Jeff Jarvis

And see how Sergey Brin just acknowledged that Google's actions may not be principled.

howardhoward Lindzon

Great points, part of the problem I see with the blogsphere the way it is set up right now is the noise level is only high in the tech industry - so it's paid for pand G, Gilette, the oil companies not to blog - so they don't have to answer these questions daily


Another aspect of the South Africa analogy is that for many years western businesses did business with them without any particular care about apartheid and then when the west decided to take action the South Africans regime was effectively ostracised. It is unclear to me wheather China is so fully integrated into the developed world at this point. It may be too soon and the double standard of internet companies versus say coke or ge is unhelpful as well.

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