Monday, March 27, 2006



Hmm...local numbers don't seem that valuable to me at all anymore. Were you able to actually get a 212 number?

Eduardo Bocock


Not sure if you are aware or not as I didn't catch it in your blog but Skype does give you the functionality of going to your mobile. Essentially any calls to your SkpeIn number and any regular Skype IM requests can ring in as many as 3 different numbers at the same time (be it mobile, or land lines or whatever). If you dont answer then it goes to your phones voice mail (I havent tried to see what happens if I forward to a number with no answering machine) All you do is enable Call Forwarding in Skypes Preferences.

We use it quite a bit with US clients who can call a US number and have it ring for us in our Costa Rica or Mexico land lines or cell phones. You only pay rates for that segment of the call and your monthly SkypeIn number. Check it out.

Great blog!

andy a

On your question above "I'm not sure if the Yahoo! implementation of internet telephony has the same peer-to-peer architecture as Skype "

Yahoo! does not approach their architecture the same way and thus doesn't have the same security risks that Skype has.

In other words, Skype phone calls between two people travel through a third (or fourth!) persons computer. Yahoo! manages their architecture centrally (costing them a bit more money but saving us consumers some serious risk) mitigating much of the "Skypemare" risks that people hear about.


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Mark Vane

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