Sunday, March 26, 2006


howard Lindzon

well done

Calum Coburn

Think carefully before you buy into Apple's ipod hype:
Apple don't offer support, they expect the customer to. To top this off, their Indian call centre is inflexible, and they don't either provide training to their support staff, nor supervision.

Just spent about 30 minutes on the line to Apple's Bangalore call centre, talking with Migu.

Unfortunately I was unable to resolve my ipod issue by talking with Migu - Migu's listening skills being poorly lacking. After asking to be put through to his supervisor Shashi, Migu said that this was not possible. Migu also insisted that he was unable to even call his supervisor over to his desk so that he could explain the issue to her. (what's the point in having a supervisor, pray tell?)

I hope that you'll agree that this is unsatisfactory. That Apple's have a call centre in Balgalore is fine - I also employ staff in India myself. That Apple's training and processes are dismal and lead to situations like this happening is deeply saddening.

It has been explained to me by Migu that Apple service centres only take care of hardware issues.
Also that Apple does not take care of software issues, but instead expects customers to take care of their own software issues, whilst being supported by Apple staff members like Migu over the phone. Also, that apple does not compensate customers for having to do their own software repairs.

I think that you should know about this before you consider buying an ipod or any other apple product.

Had I known about this before purchasing my mp3 player, I would have moved on to the competition. My next mp3 player will not be from Apple, and I hope to forewarn many more other unsuspecting would be customers about the above asap to prevent them from making the very bad decision I and my girlfriend have made in purchasing from Apple.



It's still not obvious to me how this statement can be made: "[Jobs] did not sell any of his stake in the company".

Before this txn, Jobs had exposure to 10 million shares and after it, he has exposure to about 6 million. Also, vesting is normally not a taxable event.


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