Thursday, March 23, 2006


Michael Arrington

Hi Michael,

A thoughtful a well reasoned post, as usual.

I have only one counterpoint - just because Jigsaw is more efficient doesn't mean it isn't a bad thing. The Internet is a wonderfully efficient machine for distributing pornography, too (including child pornography), but no one would argue that it's a good thing (at least, the child pornograhy part).

I do understand that people will create companies like this as long as its legal. I'd like to see our elected representatives do something to protect us, and at least some of our personal information.


Pete Cashmore

I agree with Mike Arrington on this one, although I didn't want to get involved in the flaming over on TC, so I'll leave my thoughts here.

As always, I respect your well-reasoned argument, Michael. However, just because there are already plenty of organisations selling my contact information, that doesn't mean it's acceptable. It isn't acceptable to send me junk mail and spam, and it isn't acceptable to make unsolicited phone calls. Admittedly this is just business contact information right now, but as you point out, the sale of home addresses will be next.


Did Mike Arrington just try to compare Jigsaw to child pornography?

Mike - when you start to think you went overboard with one of your blogs, either admit it, or stay silent, but this response was absurd.

When you hand out over a thousand business cards a year, do you really think of that as personal information (by the way, unless you own your own company, the busines card is not actually "yours" to begin with)?


Hey Charles, got a great "business card" database here with me. About 3,000,000 of my closest business contacts. Would you like to use it for mailing list purposes? I'll put it on Jigsaw for you and everyone else.

peter hewkuns

As someone who works in the b2b, name selling business, I do not think the jigsaw model will work. By the way, per their counter, they seem to be adding between 7-10000 contacts per day like clockwork. Seems like someone is making sure that is metered out. Their company coverage seems to me to be on major companies mostly. BIG DEAL. The thousands of managers still don't make decisions. On the client side in the name business clients want the top decision makers only. Regional management personnel have a way lesser importance. I expect they will be sued one day from other major list companies. I agree they are playing with fire with fancy legal talk and will have their day in court.

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