Sunday, March 19, 2006



Michael, agreed re: guarded optimism. I've been reading a lot of one-sided hang-wringing lately about the privacy implications of MySpace, etc--your post excepted.

Two things occur to me: first, if this is the trend, and it seems clear to me that it is, then let's learn how to make it work for us rather than decrying The State of Things.

And second, most of this conversation is irrelevant, really, because many of the folks who should be reading it are too busy updating their MySpace profiles and living life!


BTW, I think the copy-and-paste from my blog got butchered... here's the full quote: "I doubt most teens get this, but it ultimately doesn't matter, because everybody who will be running North America in 20-30 years is leaving reputational footprints about themselves all over the grid."


You updated again! :)

I remember a great discussion from a couple years back about how to manage showing different personas (you & Madonna call them poses :) on a blog. What a lot of bloggers ended up doing, myself included, was to display the side we were most comfortable showing to anybody and everybody... in other words, the lowest common denominator.

The challenge will certainly be managing contextual poses in the future (and it is now, too). I don't think the tension will ever be resolved, as the side I show to my friends is different from the side I show to coworkers which is different from the side I show to my parents. But by making lots of information about me available out there, it becomes easier to paint a fuller picture of who I really am.

So if a future employer finds the stupid college pics, they can also easily find the writings on product management from last week, and the photos of me hanging out with my little cousins.

The alternative is that if I don't put the rest of my life online, then the employer only finds the stupid college pics... and it's obvious which situation is better to be on.



Nice, reasoned post.

I disagree that we should be worried though.
We adults are fortunate to be around as society is changing. The things we care about, i.e. reputations,etc. have different meanings for todays youth.

Just like we don't lose sleep if we see someone gay, involved in interacial marriages, or some other 'taboo' our parents would freak out about, todays kids have a different veiw of the world, privacy and reputation.

That doesn't make it dangerous or wrong. It's just different.

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