Friday, February 17, 2006


John Cox

There are tools out there such as Xaraya and Drupal which will do exactly what you want, and much more. Both have the traditional blog tools (comments, trackbacks, etc). The problem is when you get into the realm of content management rather than blogging tools there is a time cost of customization (both are free as in beer in terms of money). Both packages are attracted to a more development oriented rather than user oriented crowd.

They allow much greater customization, but at the cost of having to piddle with them yourself to get them to do what you want, rather than a point and click interface. Worth a look, when you have some free time.

Mary-Ann Horley

WordPress can do it, but it involves more coding than most people would do. Perhaps I'll release a tutorial or theme if people think they'd use it.


Movable Type's long offered the ability to do this (I had a link blog for years, kottke.org does it well today) but of course it could be easier to do. I think with the new class of plugins like RightFields, this will be more common for MT users.

On TypePad, I think it's a natural evolution of features like the Links and Notes Typelists, which already offer a lot of this functionality.


Hi mp,

On your point of adding short bits of headline less text into the blog, WordPress using K2 theme allows you to do exactly that with a concept called Asides. You just post with the category Asides and bham ... you seem them in your sidebar instead of the main blog. I find it useful to comment on Cricket matches in progress which dont quite fit into the theme of my blog

On another note, wish you would stop using Caps for your titles ... kinda hurts the eye and you know what cyberspace feels about using caps right ?

Stephane Rodriguez

If you change the basic blog structure, only because you'd like to have more than one blog content in the same page, then I am worried about how much time I'll need in order to skip through all the posts I don't care about. The structure gives this ability, don't kill it.

As for page 1/2/3, aren't "categories" capable of doing such thing?

Pascal Van Hecke


I had the same thought as Murali, so I'll just complement with the URLs:

The K2 theme for Wordpress:

Matt Mullenweg's "Asides" posting that triggered it:

rick gregory

"For instance, why can't we have a blog template with the ability to have multiple tabbed pages?"

You mean... Textpattern (http://textpattern.com)? It has the sections concept baked in. From there, someone simply needs to customize each section and how it presents content.

Jeremy Markum

Expression Engine is the way to go. Like divorces, it is expensive, and worth every penny! Have a look-see at my blog and you'll see the possibilities.


In general Im pretty happy for the moment. I do Know that ive changed from different Blog software because they where not "it"(Im just blogging for a year)
Sinds I have WP i discover more and more af course, and now Im bussy? with finding something else.

Gabriel Dickinson

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