Saturday, December 03, 2005


Elijah Blue

Hmmm... feeling a little old are we? The reality is Myspace is something many (about 40 million currently, up from Zero 24 months ago) spend as much time on as you and your generation spend watching TV (what, 4.6 hours a day? At least).

I guess my question is: Are YOU on Myspace? Ever use it? It's addictive and a blast and it's where I learn about trends, music, people and much of what's really happening in the world.

Call it the Wisdom of Crowds.

Frankly, you sound 'old' in your thinking on this subject. On many things you don't, I read your blog fairly regularly, but you're way off on this one. It's a Big friggin deal because, well, it's a big friggin deal.

The original 'hype' of Internet 1.0.. things like "Information Super Highway" and Netscape brought us massive infrastructure and highspeed internet access..and, well, FireFox.

Betcha that you use IE don't ya?


Michael Parekh

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, EB...have been a member of MySpace for quite a while, but have not used it nearly enough. I've also used Firefox since the beginning...and have been an online junkie/addict since the early eighties (last century admittedly). I've spent far more time online than mainstream media for almost quarter of a century now.

I am old, but don't feel old.

My post had more to do with BW hyping the whole MySpace phenomenon rather than denigrating the MySpace service and community itself.

You may remember GeoCities and other social community sites in Web 1.0 that were similarly popular and over-hyped by the mainstream media.

My post was more a commentary on the short-term memory of the mainstream media than the service you obviously call a second home online.

Hope this clarifies.

Thanks again for the provocative comment.

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