Monday, December 26, 2005


Michael Eisenberg

Good comments on Apple. It will be interesting to see what an Itunes like service might look like directly on mobile phones. Could it possibly include try-before-you-buy free sahring as well? I wrote a related post on Saturday looking at Apple from a "portal perspective." Posted on the internetstockblog at http://internetstockblog.com/article/5303

David Abraham

..not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I believe the iPod will become a full blown computer and the "dock" will be used to plug into what we know as "docking stations" today.

Once docked the iPod will have access to keyboard, mouse and display desktop with full blown OSX.

When undocked it's back to the familiar iTunes desktop.

Marc Eisenman

Operating a home based business, and frequently out of the office meeting with clients, I purchased a Mac Mini over the summer to act as a hub in my home. I attached a LaCie Disk Mini (232GB) to store my I-Tunes and home-related files and a LaCie Disk (190GB) to store work related files. Using a static IP and a Verizon Kyocera broadband card I am able to access all my files via my 17” PowerBook virtually anywhere. Over the holidays I purchased a Philips 42” Plasma TV (monitor) and attached the Mac Mini to it. Now, from the comfort of my favorite chair I am able to watch DVDs, listen to my I-Tunes collection, access the web using a wireless keyboard and mouse or watch cable. The Mac Mini is an amazing piece of equipment… best of all my wife thinks it’s cute and doesn’t object to a computer interfering with her sense of home décor (as long as I hide the wires and the LaCie disk). The most incredible thing however is that I was able to set everything up myself right out of the box without too much effort… not bad for someone in his 50s and someone who is hardly a geek.

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