Sunday, December 11, 2005


Zoli Erdos

This reminds me of another imbalance: the eBay/Skype deal completely overshadowed to Oracle/Siebel one, both announced the same day.

Anyway, I have a PC and an honest/cynical theory on the "imbalance".

PC: We all add some value to the discussion by bringing our own points of view. For me the "extra" was a comparison of Yahoo vs. Google, with Yahoo catching up/passing Google in certain areas and becoming "cool" again.

Honest: We all love getting extra Technorati/Google juice...it appears to be mandatory for the top bloggers to mention events like this, even though already well covered, whether they add valu or not.. even if just referencing other posts. A not-so-meaningful post on a well-blogged popular subject with a bunch of links yields more Technorati-boost then a well though out long article presenting original content.

Michael Parekh

Well said, Zoli...thanks.

Jason Wood


Many thanks for the mention. I've grown increasingly frustrated with tech.meme through no fault of their own per se, but exactly because of what Brad griped about in his initial post...meme seems to reference adjunct articles and is very incestuous in that regard. Ultimately blogging [for me at least] is about discovering new and intriguing voices that are talking about issues I care about...meme hits on the 2nd part [issues I care about], but I'm not convinced they do the first part [discover new and intriguing voices] all that well.

Mathew Ingram

I'd have to agree with Jason -- there is a bit of an insular (or incestuous) quality to memeorandum's links sometimes, and what I value is finding the alternative voice. But at the same time, I would argue that memeorandum does a pretty good job of finding and linking to those to -- and that's where I would take issue with Brad's comments. Just because everyone is writing about Yahoo and del.icio.us or about Skype and eBay doesn't mean that they are all saying the same thing about those topics, and often the discussion about a deal like those ones helps to stimulate ideas about other things. So I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing.

Paul Montgomery

Memeorandum is based on a whitelist, so by definition it is going to be cliquey. It doesn't crawl the whole blogosphere looking for the new alternative views. Gabe does a good job updating that whitelist in real time, though.


Paul, the software finds new sources on its own. I do update a training set from time to time, but the list currently monitored always far exceeds what I've specified.

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