Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Salman FF

My theory would be that US consumers, who are generally pretty demanding, may play a role in the difference - that, and competition in the US: I imagine that the simplicity and success of google, as you pointed out, and the effectiveness of google sponsored links, have had a huge effect on the US market in general, beyond search. And as Google’s effect on the rest of the world may have a lag, I hope that the rest of the world will follow the US in offering simple and non-intrusive ads, not vice versa.
I tend to find the more animated ads annoying and less effective and I just pray that this has nothing to do with broadband penetration in the US.
My only worry would be that this is a generational thing. It would be interesting to know if younger users (eg teenagers) in the US find animated ads as annoying as the rest of us do. Perhaps teenagers around the world are becoming more alike, and we are just getting old.

Rajesh Patil

I think the broadband penetration has nothing to do with the pop-up and the flashy animation ads. On the contrary I think the US audience already went thru this phase of flashy annoying ads etc..
Here are a few factors that I think are responsible for that kind of web pages/sites that you just described.

a. Maybe the Asian portals are still in the infancy stages as they don't generate much eRevenues.
b. Asians don't like so much bland sites, they like to see colorful pages.
c. US based portals like Yahoo have a generic home page for each country which is why they all look the same. (not flashy, as the base home page is designed in the US)
d. Higher the per capita income, more the elegance. (In general this applies to most things)


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