Friday, October 14, 2005


bruce d verstandig


hi i must tell you how much i enjoy your blog. it is the first one i read on bloglines.com. you have a very connected view of the world.
there is a great story i believe peter yarow tells , our social structure can be told by our magazines,
first we had life magazine, that was good it was all about life. then came people magazine , ok a smaller universe yet its all people. then came us magazine , not good we got smaller. then came self magazine , its nolonger...you have a world view outlook.
reading your blogs, i get a deeper connected education. thanks for writing.. ..plus you have introduced me to some other great blogs to read....plus i started a blog http://www.bloglines.com/blog/BDillerV

ok now onto disney... you ask a very BIG brand marketing question. if your nephew doesnt watch mickey mouse how does he have such a 'feel good experience' brand identify with mickey?

ps keep your eye on outletjeweler.com as it changes to include jeweldujour.com my idea of taking woot to jewelry...
also icame.com the site is all about the question ' what would you love to ask others about thier sex life yet were to polite to ask'
all questions will be posted in a forum set up allowing others to answer and comment.... big hold up is my tech guy ( @#$%&^&^%$)

how are you ? what are you up to? I have your wedding gift in my office ( im sure my slip)
i miss speaking to you ? i always enjoy the stimulating conversations ...how is jen? please send her my regards ( is that the new 2000 pc correct word?)

please excuse typos... it is sans spell check

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