Sunday, August 07, 2005


Tom Evslin


Thank you very much for your kind words. I certainly agree that this is much harder than it should be but am optimistic that the platform providers will make this easier for bloggers. I was just impatient.

Unfortunatley I'm older than you think - actually have been coding since MAINFRAMES were first becoming popular in 1963. But can't do the really productive 72 hour stints anymore.

Long overdue I've added your excellent blog to my blogroll and will have a post about that soon.


Steven Livingstone

Good post - and excellent pointers for me to follow up.

I'm still not 100% convinced that tags as such will be the centre of everything - which it seems at the moment - (in that i mean that i'm not convinced most users will HAVE to know about them), rather than just one of many common utilities that will come with any word processor, desktop publishing package, blog publisher, web site creation tool and so on. I believe a small % of taggers could actually have a dramatic effect for everyone else.

Also, i'm not so convinced that people will consume tags in this way anyway - the most common way is through links on blogs at the moment. It's a very active area for me just now in a search for an answer. I've done some early prototype work on http://taghop.com and it has made me realise this more than ever. I wonder how tags could be used outside of Flickr to make the images useful, rather than just as part of the Flickr domain.


Craig Bujnowski

interesting post, I just started my blog using blogger but seriously thinking of switching to wordpress for better functionality and features. I would be interested if anyone has thoughts on blogger vs. wordpress vs. typepad. send me an email at : [email protected]


Eric Dawson

Very brief comment... without reading entire article.

Question and Statement. How would you envision "Social Networking" impacting Search Results and tagging? Seems like it would solve the SPAMMING problem by allowing the results to be built from my sphere of respect. ie TAGS from FRIENDS and MY ROCKSTARS on "new music".

Apnaspace Desi

Excuse me for thinking that tagging is just a fad. Unless of course we can come up with better hierarchy generation tools.

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